Welcome on the official website of Moving Culture Society for Cooperation with Central asian Arts and Culture.

Some twenty years ago, the Central Asian States got their independence within the borders of the former Soviet Republics. They did not seek their independence but rather had nolens volens to come to grips with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Due to the related ideological vacuum and the massive economic shock thus caused as well as the complex multi-ethnic environment, the processes of identifying national identities appealing to all citizens did only start very slowly and nothing can be felt of a broader participation or an intense debate of the issue. With the vanishing of the Soviet Union, the arts and culture community had lost its role and sponsor and ever since has remained with little influence.

The society, domiciled in Switzerland, was founded as a non profit Assoziation according to the Swiss Civil Code on March 5, 2011 in Bern by people who have been affiliated with Central Asia.

The society believes that questions of identity and identification with the state as well as adapted forms of governance will become more important for the Central Asian states and societies in the years to come. Accordingly, the Society intends to support the debate on such issues and the quest for genuine solutions. The Society believes that the creative spirit and thinking of the crafts, arts and culture community as well as Universities warrants to be harnessed and brought into the process.

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