Nomadic Art Camp 2014

Nomadic Art Camp is to pay tribute to the spiritual and cultural heritage, to diversity and identity and at the same time to identify and highlight their essence and significance in contemporary times. It is an exceptional enterprise, platform for discussion, cultural exchange, innovation, and artistic collaboration of creators unified by common striving. In the framework of Nomadic Art Camp project it is intended to organize a convention of artists from different countries in the mountains of Jalalabad region near local village by Lake Sary Chelek.  The convention will present unique opportunities for the actualization and promotion of the idea of cultural diversity.

This time our eyes are on the younger generation that will face the challenges of and will be the decision makers in the future. We would like to draw the attention to such problems as environmental sustainability and preservation of nature as invaluable legacy and treasure trove for the future. Following the tradition of the previous successful launchings, the upcoming project is focused at understanding and promoting sustainable development and management of the identity and bio-cultural heritage of mountainous landscapes.

Where are we now? How would we like it to be? What can we do? – these are only some questions that will be asked and analyzed through the creative expression and artistic reflection. Nomadic Art Camp invites you to make your input into protection of landscapes from destructive influences of the contemporary production, consumption, and entertainment; to work together on a holistic concept of harmony; to revive the lost connection of man and nature. There will also be involved volunteers from local village community for interactive communication between project participants and the public. At the end of the workshop artists will have a presentation in Bishkek.

Methods like alienation, deconstruction, intervention in nature, use of play-techniques and virtual spaces make possible unusual perceptions and surprising observations. Intercultural heritage will be created through visual contemporary art saving tradition and public relations.


What: Nomadic settlement at Jalalabad region will become a field for interaction and common artistic working on the project and a basis for an open-air exhibition as a culmination of joint creative efforts. A final exhibition will take place at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek.

Who: Young talented artists and students of different disciplines primarily from Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. However, other interested persons may apply as well.

Where: Jalalabad region and Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic

When: July 27th  - August 7th, 2014



Participation in Nomadic Art Camp and conditions

1.              Every artist should bring one work from their country and create one work during the workshop.

The exhibition will show artistic positions from different artists on how cultural heritage in different countries as a source for inspiration is transformed into contemporary art language like painting, photography, installation, land art, video, object, performances.

2.              Artists participation fee (do not have to be from the above mentioned Central Asian countries) costs 1000 Euro for 12 days to cover their local transport, accommodation and meals in Kyrgyzstan. Artists are responsible for their travel costs and personal insurance.