Board members

Hanspeter Maag, President

Hanspeter Maag, born on September 3, 1945 in Zurich, Switzerland

Studies at ETH Zurich, Faculty of Agriculture. Graduated as MSc ETH in Agroecosystem Science in1970 with Major in Crop and Pasture Production, Minor 1 in Livestock Production and Minor 2 in Farm Economy and Management.
Doctoral studies and research at the same faculty in collaboration with Max Planck Institute for Breeding Research. PhD 1975 in plant breeding.

Retired after working for over 30 years in Switzerland and abroad in different functions in the realm of development and cooperation (of which 10 years dealing with including 4 years living in Central Asia), thereby intensively dealing with social and economic factors enabling or hampering individual, organizational and institutional development.

Interested in and following up on what drives people and institutions, what is conducive to or hampers social fabrics and national cohesion, equity and societal development as well as sustainability and the role of arts and culture in these processes.



Marc Ghisi, Actuary

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Anna-Flurina Kälin

Wissenschaftliche Assistentin, Ästhetische Bildung an der PH FHNW und Kunstvermittlerin im Kunstraum Baden

Seit dem dreimonatigen Volontariat im Bishkek Art Center besteht ein Interesse an Zentralasien. Regelmässige Aufenthalte in Kirgistan vertiefen den Bezug zu Land und Leuten. Mit Moving Culture will ich einen Beitrag leisten zur Förderung des kulturellen Austausches und selber Teil davon sein.



Cinzia Aeberhard, Marketing

Work as Graphic Designer

Five month internship in Bishkek Art Center, Russian language course and smaller traveling through Kyrgyzstan has piqued my interest in the culture and art of Central Asia.
With the development of the Central Asian countries to raise awareness of art and the responsibility of cultural heritage changed. The new media and tourism have a major impact on development. With this club I want to be a part of a cultural dialogue that takes place all over the world.



Hans-Ulrich Vollenweider, Financing

Berufstätig bis 2006 als Leiter einer Bankfiliale. Organisiert volkskundliche Studienreisen für die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkskunde.